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What live help looks like…

With each family member’s location information, our emergency dispatchers can lead a clear and immediate rescue response and stay on the line until help arrives.

Emergency Dispatch in action:

  • We monitor Crash Detection alerts to respond immediately and send help.
  • We respond to SOS emergencies and send the police or ambulance.
  • Dispatchers share your specific location with first responders, police, and paramedics.
  • We keep Circle members and emergency contacts informed at all times. 

On the go, on the road, and beyond.

How and where 24/7 Emergency Dispatch can keep your family safe.

Help in the moment.

“Life360 saved my son’s life. He and two friends were hit head on and my son was ejected from the car. Life360 emergency dispatchers contacted me as well as the cops and EMS. The kids were in the middle of nowhere and badly hurt. No one could have called for help but Life360 did, and saved my kid!”


Learn more about Crash Detection

Always ready to act.

“Early one morning I got the call that no mother EVER wants to receive. It was Life360 calling to let me know that a crash had been detected and that emergency dispatchers had already called the ambulance and police. Life360 was there for my son when I didn’t know he was in trouble. As a mom, thank you!!”


Learn more about Crash Detection

We’ll be your voice. 

“When my daughter was hurt, she didn’t have to call for help and explain what happened or where she was — she just triggered an SOS and those important pieces were already taken care of by Life360. As a parent, that’s very comforting.” 


Never walk alone. 

“I was working solo in Australia in dense, remote vegetation when I succumbed to heat stroke. Before I lost consciousness, I sent an SOS alert and my family was able to see my location and come rescue me.”